Pro Rata billing and allowances:

Our bill date starts on the 1st of each month and ends of the last day of each month. This means you will be billed pro rata if you join Candy Telecom part the way through a month. For example, if you join us on the 14th of the month, you won’t be billed for the whole month, just the 17 remaining days.

The easiest way to work pro rata out is: Take the amount your service should cost each month, divide this by the amount of days in the current month… times that by the amount of remaining days.

You monthly allowance works in the same way, as you only pay for the service from the time you joined, you will get a pro rata allowance for your first month. For example: You get 20GB a month, you join us on the 14th of the month. So that’s 20GB divided by 31 (days in the month), times by 17 (the amount of remaining days). Giving you 10.9GB for your first month.

If you need any help working out your first months bill or you remaining allowance, please just contact us!